Reflections of Newcastle 1914-18

On the 1 July 2016 after a year of researching, writing and designing, ‘Reflections of Newcastle 1914-18’ was launched and became available to the public. Consisting of three iBooks and three city walks, ‘Reflections of Newcastle 1914-18’ explores Newcastle during the war and in particular its intellectual, cultural and social life. The iBooks can be downloaded at

On the day of the launch, the November Club developed three very different installations and live events. Throughout the Friday and Saturday soldiers were seen marching from the Lit & Phil to Newcastle Central Station ready to take the train to war. When not marching they could be found at the Lit & Phil reading, dancing or in their own thoughts. This was made even more poignant by the 1 July being the centenary of the start of the Battle of the Somme.


At the Lit & Phil November Club have devised a trail around the library showcase some of the finds that can be found on the libraries bookshelves and in its collection. This includes minutes from the Lit & Phil boards meetings from the war period, a list of books for the newly opened children’s library, books donated to the front, extracts from Ruth Dodds diary, a medical book about artificial limbs, copies of German war cartoons taken from a catalogue that were displayed in 1916 in the centre of Newcastle, alongside the bound copies of the Times and information about how to spot and what to do if there is a Zeppelin raid. This trail around the Lit & Phil will be home until November 2016.


At JG Windows, one of the UK’s longest established music stores, open since 1916 at Central Arcade in Newcastle, a recreation of a World War One era shop window with music from the time can be found until November 2016.


The installations at the Lit & Phil and JG Windows are open till November 2016 and the iBooks are available to download from the project website

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